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Nature Desks is about connecting nature, work and wellbeing. Wifi, coffee, a place to work and to meet your colleagues: all these in the urban green. Redesigning the way we work and our relationship with the city. Breathe in, breathe out, take a walk, enjoy some green and work.



(Co)working in urban green

With our partners we create pop up offices in urban nature. 

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Placemaking & the urban green

Use #naturedesks to make cities beter workplaces, start the dialogue, be creative and dare to think differently.

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Events & products

inspired by the great urban green in and around Amsterdam, we are making plans. Join our mailing list for more information as soon as available. 

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Or even better.. When the urban green will be your office. Nature desks is about connecting nature, work and wellbeing. We gather the best mobile designs which will make coworking in the green spaces next-door possible. We believe that our work environment is crucial for the way we perceive, deliver and enjoy work. Visualise a morning rushing to your work in the bustling city. Do you remember passing by a green, quiet park and the thought popped up: “If I could just work here? Have meetings under the tree, discuss businessplans on the waterfront and write my reports overlooking the park.”

A growing number of studies about work environments underline the importance of natural surroundings as a positive source for the wellbeing of the employees. Green areas in urban settings used to be a completely separated oasis where we would charge our batteries after long days at work. The cities we live in and the offices we work in were designed in a time when being flexible or mobile, and the necessity to maintain a healthy work-life balance were not considered to be serious needs. They are now.

Nature Desks offers unique opportunities by combining wellbeing with business results. Work, take a deep breath, lunch outside on the grass, take a run between the trees or a swim outdoor and work again. Working life in the city should be all about fresh air which stimulates new thoughts behind Nature Desks.